As a french data engineer interested in data science I thought I could try to get my head around one of the most debated topics in France using data science techniques.


The goal of this article is not to assess COVID policies but to try to use the available data to assess a common belief, which by the way has driven and drives a lot of anger in France.

Lockdown vs self-responsibility

During the first wave, the french government has deployed a policy in which lockdown was the cornerstone. Each country had its own policy and some countries did not implement formal lockdowns enforced by law.

In the non lockdown category we can easily put Sweden and Switzerland, whereas we can of course select France but also Italy, Spain, Portugal, UK, Ireland, Denmark in the lockdown category. …

A promise

The CDK is one of the most promising SDK AWS has released for years.

Let’s see the CDK teaser:

The AWS Cloud Development Kit (AWS CDK) is an open-source software development framework to define cloud infrastructure in code and provision it through AWS CloudFormation.

It offers a high-level object-oriented abstraction to define AWS resources imperatively using the power of modern programming languages. Using the CDK’s library of infrastructure constructs, you can easily encapsulate AWS best practices in your infrastructure definition and share it without worrying about boilerplate logic.

IaC before the CDK

The issue with the classic approach based on Cloudformation was the imperative…

I just spent many weeks to build CloudFormation templates.

It’s an amazing Infrastructure as Code (IaC) tool but some use cases require an advanced knowledge of the YAML grammar used to write the templates.

Some features are not very well known and could save your day.

Here are some of those.

Conditional resources, sections and output values

Conditional outputs are interesting when the outputs of the template depends on some parameter.

For instance, you want to build a VPC but the infrastructure is not same in production than in development and staging.

You might want to use 2 AZs and 2 NAT gateways in Dev and…

Cloud lock-in appears to be a major concern to some organizations.

Why is that ?

Ghosts of the past

Many big companies have had to face a dispute with some big vendors, especially software vendors.

Might disputes have been triggered by an improper use of the licensing model, a forced migration to the new shiny version or an abrupt change of the pricing model ? It does not matter.

Common sense says vendors are greedy and always try to lock you in, one way or the other.

Today, the public cloud adds a new episode to this ongoing story: some…

I was looking for a lightweight and simple mental model for Scrum.

Building a mental model on a subject involves deep thinking, it force us to consider a problem’s space and find the right place for each relevant concept.

Here is a simple mental model built with

I tried to capture the very essence of Scrum by taking a “data” oriented approach. It’s a work in progress to be refined …

As the leader of a technical team dedicated to cloud transformation, I had to find how the cloud could empower developers to reach some key objectives : productivity boost, improvement of SLAs, improvement of TTU (Time to user), and so on.

One important goal was to put some facts on constant disputes between the Devs and the Ops.

In order to do that I had to understand and uncover all aspects of the devs and ops’ life.

A brief overview of the User eXperience map technique

UX has many powerful techniques to gather all those little facts and events which make an experience.

The most famous artefact in the…

The 4th of April 2018 I sat for one the hottest certification to have.

Despite the fact I was ill, I managed to finish almost one hour before the maximum duration allowed and I got a 1000/1000 mark, the highest possible.

1.Chronobiology applied to learning

I’m not a big fan of traditional learning : sitting in a class for a week on predetermined hours and ingest static content built by someone else ?

Not for me.

The brain is the main organ involved here : like any organ it has its own specific cycles. They are probably unique to each individual.

I believe chronobiology…

As a senior software engineer and digital tinkerer since my infancy, I have played with many programming languages and have worked with many fellow engineers.

In 2000, I became the technical leader of a small startup named “Easy Flying”. We were in the midst of the Internet bubble and it was very hard to find developers.

Ultimately, my boss found a way to hire developers: he hired people who came from everywhere but the IT world and who were willing to dive into it.

My team was made up of one gardener, one chemist, one medical account manager, one sociologist…

A serverless adventure with AWS Lambda

Check part 1 to get the context.

An old map from (author: Ylanite Koppens)

A new architecture based on AWS Lambda

AWS offers a generous Free Tier and because I’m already a big fan of the AWS’ whole portfolio it came to me as an obvious choice.

Here is the first architecture draft based on AWS Lambda and many common AWS services:

Gently thinking outside the box

An old map from (author: Ylanite Koppens)

Uncharted territory

Curious by nature, I always try to learn new things and love to craft some nice pieces of code if I have the opportunity.

I have always known Geographic Information Systems aka GIS were there but I never had the chance to pay a visit to one of them.

The Teruti-Lucas encounter

One day of December 2017, a former colleague rang me : she had a problem to solve. That was the first time I had heard about the Teruti-Lucas survey.

Teruti-Lucas is the name of a ground survey made by the french ministry of agriculture. This survey delivers precious insights into a…

Olivier Schmitt

Started coding in Basic at 11, never stopped since then. Solution Architect & Software Craftsman, check my portfolio, here

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